Markus Liebold, National Director YFC Germany

How different can the scenery be?

1948 marks the beginning of YFC in Germany, a time where Germany consists of bombed cities and desperate and hungry people living in barracks. Yet there is hope. Youth workers Willi Sauer and young Hans-Rudolf Wever start youth rallies in Wuppertal, western Germany and help feed those that have a deeper hunger than for bread. Later members of the American troops help and donate an old Army tent. This is the seed capital for YFC in Germany, planted even before the Federal Republic of Germany or its Deutsch-Mark is even founded.

2018 we celebrate 70 years of YFC in our YFC Germany head office in Mühltal, surrounded by friends and supporters in the beautiful summer in Mühltal. We give thanks to God our father for His grace of having this ministry in a thriving country with peace and liberty to share the gospel.

As staff we are committed to get close again to the youth of our time, a changing group that it’s so easy to get disconnected from. The title of youth worker does not prevent you from losing touch base to this group!

How thankful are we to have young volunteers as part of our team that go on outreach with us. Whether as part of our iThemba team, our Lifeliner outreach team, as volunteers with Project serve or minister alongside us in drama ministry. They are our most precious assets.

It is a great honor to serve faithfully with you, our YFCI Family! We love to welcome you in Mühltal.